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How I do my work

Work performance thought it may be a good idea to show you all how I do my work and communicate with my clients, so I made a short video to demonstrate it. Note: I do type slow, but I am a hard working man, I do this full-time and beyond, if necessary, and most...

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Scaling Up

Onward! Throughout all these years; yes, I’ve been here, in this nursing home, for many years already, 11 and 9 months to be specific; not everything was nice and smooth, there were some tough, challenging days, ones determined to break me down, they were pretty...

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Santa Rosa Junior college During my first year in the nursing home, I started to get interest in taking classes at the SRJC (Santa Rosa Junior College), but as they were too costly and I didn’t have any resources, I looked for free classes online.  I went to the...

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Nursing Home

Nursing Home January 20 something of 2007 arrived, they at the hospital had found a nursing home for me to stay. It was in the same city where my sister and her family lived, Sonoma California, they thought to be closer to my family would’ve be good for me. I did not...

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My mother

Consuelo Casarez My beloved mother Sorry to everybody reading my blog articles and hasn't heard from me in awhile. This piece of writing was the most difficult one to elaborate. It was like refreshing unhealing wounds, but I overcame and tough it up. It was the month...

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Getting Better

Spring & Summer 2005 It was March, I believe, so many things happened between the Spring and Summer. They started trying to feed me real food by mouth, because I was a pain in the neck and keep bugging them every day to do it. It took me a great deal of annoying...

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I got transfer to Healdsburg District Hospital, everybody so nice and kind to me, they gave me a great treatment and made me feel like I was part of this life still. Since the very first day, they changed the collar from my neck, it was so dirty and nasty seemed like...

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Second Chance

Living in agony The first few days were very hard and difficult to assimilate, it was an agony! People used to visit me and I didn’t even realize who did. My sister used to tell me, that’s how I knew. Between shadows, I remember being in a bedroom monitored 24/7. The...

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dramatic changed of life 13 years ago I was a normal guy with his goods and bad, "probably more bad than good", a crazy, happy, cheerful young man who lives life like there would be no tomorrow. I never stopped and think about other peoples’ life, their needs,...

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