In my first days of being awake, my sister and brother-in-law talked about bringing my mother to see me. I didn’t pay attention to them, not because I didn’t wish for her to here, but because it seemed unrealistic to me by then.

I don’t know how they managed to bring her here, the social worker of the hospital was helping them, I guess! After a week, one morning around 11am, my sister stepped in my room and said, “my little brother, we have a big surprise for you”, I thought what kind of surprise, there’s no such thing for me. Then I saw my brother-in-law speaking with the nurse, but I didn’t think or suspect anything. Suddenly, my sister closed the curtains from my spot, I looked at her with an evil eye like claiming her about why she was blocking my view. Suddenly, my brother-in-law entered the room and said, Somebody wants to see you Francisco When, right behind him a shadow reflected on the floor show up. My heart started pumping up strongly and my emotions came out; surprisingly, my mother was in front of my own eyes. I was in shock and very very amaze, full of disbelieve with my feelings against each other. She stepped in and give me a tight hug and kiss my forehead. She and I just spent a long time hugging each other. It was a very special, emotional and magical moment for both of us. All I could do was squeal and moan like a little baby, short of breath and full of sentiment. My eyes were tearing down big giants drops of water. My mother tried to speak, but she couldn’t either, everybody was in deep emotions. Finally, my mother was able to say something, she said, my beloved son, I’m so happy to see you again. Your sister told me what had happen to you, and I told myself, I must come in to see you. I must tell you, I was so scare not to see you again. However my son, God is too big and full of mercy and allowed me to come in. She said that my brother-in-law went for her to Tijuana. Seemed like my father went to pick her up, but I don’t know what happen, he came back without her.

My brother-in-law has been always liked my real father. He has always been there for me and my sister, supporting her in any way possible and has helped her with me in everything. He went to Mexico and bring my mother to me, which I will never forget, I will be in great debt with him for the rest of my life. My mother spent the whole day with me. My sister and her husband went to eat something and bring something for mom. I wanted to talk and expressed my happiness, tell her how sorry I was about what had happened to me, and she had to see me that way. However, as much as I would’ve liked to be able to do that, I couldn’t, all my reactions and expressions were shown by squealing and moaning.

The hardest part arrived, She had to go home. I felt horrible to see her leave, I felt like a piece of me was taken away, and I couldn’t do anything to stop it. She left, my sister and her husband said, take a rest, we’ll bring her tomorrow again. I just looked at them and make a gesture like agreeing and turn my head the other way, what else could I do? I was deeply hurting, but there was not other option. They left, I spent the rest of the evening crying, Gosh! I don’t know how my eyes didn’t dried out from so much water dripping. Somehow, I managed to sleep, maybe the nurse gave me some narcotic and I didn’t know. The next day my mother came back, my sister brought her. They took the bus this time because my brother-in-law had to go to work. We tried not to cry any more and enjo each other’s company. My sister sat down in the left side of the bed and my mother to the right. They were talking with me even though I couldn’t replied back, they knew I was listening. The day went by and the time for them to go back home arrive again. I wished that time never reached us, and they could stay with me forever, but it was not possible, they had to go home………

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