Life is unpredictable and can change in a blink of an eye. It doesn’t give you any warning of what is about to happen, it just happens.

It was Sunday morning June 21, 2003. I used to live in Windsor, California. In the apartments by my job, I was spending time with some friends, including a very dear friend of mine I consider him my brother.

My best friend and I were hungover from the night before. We went out in the city and were drinking in a bar. We knew we have to go to a football game in Santa Rosa, California, the next day because my friend was part of the team. He had to attend so the team did not forfeit the game. Despite the hangover we went, I didn’t have to go, but I wanted to be supportive of my best friend.

As he went out to turn on his vehicle. I was in the bathroom turning my stomach inside out. Eeew!!! Sorry, you know what happens next.

As soon as we were on the road, we decided to stop at the store for a beer to treat the hungover. We got a 24 pack of beer, it sounds a little excessive now, doesn’t it? As soon as we got to the field, there was a group of guys from his town in Mexico getting ready for the game. It was morning and, time to get breakfast. There was a (Taco Truck,) and some of them went to get stuffed, but some others, like us, went for the beer.

Everyone started drinking, and the bottles of the beer were getting empty. By the time the game was supposed to begin, the players were a little drunk already. It’s a good thing it wasn’t a professional one, otherwise, they wouldn’t were able to play. The group left to form part of the team, so I was left alone. I had beer with me and, as you can imagine my loneliness wouldn’t last long. I thought, showing beer to drunk men is like showing gold to thieves. A few yards away from me there was a group of spectators from the same town in Mexico as my friend. There was a beautiful woman that when I saw her my heart started beating up very fast and left me out of breathe. “She was truly a precious lady! I thought.” Oh-well, that is another story. I was a silly young man who used to pay more attention to the “cerveza” than to the pretty girls. What a dummy! Soon the group of guys came up to join me. We introduced ourselves to each other and became friends.

Once we finished greeting and shaking our hands, everyone grabbed a beer and start drinking while watching the game. My friend and some other players ran toward us to have a sip of beer every now and then. The drinks were running out, and we were just beginning to enjoy. Every time the drinks ran out someone from our group ran to the closest store to get more. As time was running out, everyone was starting to get dizzy and noisy. When the game ended, we were very intoxicated. Our team lost, by the way.

Part of the team went home, and others joined us to keep the party going. It was dark by now, and everybody was drunk. We had to leave, but no one of the group wanted to stop drinking. The night was just beginning. We decided to go to a place in Santa Rosa called “La Fondita,” a spot where you can drink, eat, and listen to the mariachis singing nice music. Also, you can delight the eyes with the waitresses serving the customers, very pretty mamasitas used to work there. As the group departed everyone agreed to wait outside the joint for the whole gang to arrive, so all of us could get a table together…….

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