After they left, the nurse came to collected urine because my pee pee was hurting and stinking badly. So she had to send it to the laboratory to be examined. I didn’t get the results until the next morning. Unfortunately, I came out with an infection in the urine. The medical staff transferred me to a different room, they had to put me in isolation. When my mother and sister arrived I was already moved, and they had to wear special clothing in order to entered the room and see me. I was deeply in sorrow, even though it was just a simple urine infection. It was like a big  disaster for me. My mother and sister approached me and told me not to get discourage. They said, “everything would be all right.” by the end of the day the nurses and social service approached my family and told them I would be transferred to another hospital, or if they preferred I could’ve be send back to Mexico. Lamentably, they can not longer took care of me. I don’t know exactly why, but I imaging because I was a long-term patient and the hospital only took short-term, I guess! They finished dialoging, my mother and sister, of course chose the first option to had me transferred to a different hospital……  



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