My sister sometimes mentioned to me that when I was in coma. The doctors already had lose all their hope on me. They thought I would never come back to life again, because every test they did to find out whether I was still on earth was a failur. So they told her to drop the towel and not to hold me any more. I would never returned back from my sleep any more. She was told, my mind was like traveling in the space, and it got lost during that voyage, and when it tried to turn around and come back home. The pathway was nowhere to be found, so it was stuck somewhere over there. In case, I make it back, I would not recognized anyone, not even her, I would still be lost in my own world. Anything would be the same, I would not be able to sit down in a chair, eat, talk, walk, and/or do anything normal again. I would be a total living vegetable for the rest of my life….

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