The first few days were very hard and difficult to assimilate, it was an agony! People used to visit me and I didn’t even realize who did. My sister used to tell me, that’s how I knew. Between shadows, I remember being in a bedroom monitored 24/7. The television was on, I couldn’t really watched, but I could hear it. It was on the news, when sadly I heard that the singer, Celia Cruz, had died a day before. My heart shrunk, and I got very sentimental to the point of start crying bitterly for long time like crazy. I wasn’t even her fan, so I don’t know why that news hit me so bad, my pity was so deep that I thought my life was so close to the end as well. Then, a nurse came in to the room and give me some drugs and put me to sleep until the next day. However, the feeling of sadness and sorrow didn’t go away, it wwas engrave in my mind like foot-prints. I had a really hard time breathing on my own, so the doctors had to intervene in a way to help me get enough air into my lungs. So, they made surgery and insert a tube called “TRACHER” in my neck. It was to allow me breathe better and to suction all the flames gathered from my body, that suction thing hurts so much! it works, whatsoever…….

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