Throughout all these years; yes, I’ve been here, in this nursing home, for many years already, 11 and 9 months to be specific; not everything was nice and smooth, there were some tough, challenging days, ones determined to break me down, they were pretty close, but somehow I overcame them and emerge victorious!

I took a few more classes, recommended by the lady who works at the DRD department; she is a specialist, people who deals specially with students with disabilities, before starting my career. Now I could go to campus and pay for transportation, caregiver and for my classes, all thanks to this good souls who decided to, I don’t know how to refer towards them, sponsors maybe, but I feel that they deserved a better tittle; they do so much more then just sponsor me, they take care of me and look after me, they’re like my guardian angels from earth. I started with more English, because my writing and comprehensive skills were very poor, they still are, not as much though, I improved significantly. First I had to do a placement test to see how advance I was and determine the right class, my goodness! I did so bad, my score resulted very low; consequently, I had to start from the very bottom.

It took me very long time to finish all these classes, because I could only take one for semester due to my movement limitations, it is a true blessing I’m able to do school work, but “there is no time that is not reached nor a deadline that is not met”, I did it and now I was ready to take on my original target.

In 2013 I started the classes I was hoping for, Web Development, and I got a magnificent gift from God, a bit of independence, yes! I could move myself around, no unfortunately, it’s not what you all thinking, I haven’t get any improvements in my motion yet. I got a fabulous set of wheels, a brand new power wheel chair, woo-hoo! I was so happy, so excited. I so wanted an electric wheelchair since I was in Healdsburg H., it was one of my greatest dreams, dream that seemed so far away, so out of my reached, but God surprised me and gift it to me years later. Perhaps, he got tired of me asking so much and said, “here, but please be quiet little man!” heheh, God is so amazing. In my searched to get my new wheels, I was so lucky to find a very good, amazing and caring woman for people with similar disabilities. She lives in North Carolina, but I posted a small article in the Christopher & Dana Reeve’s Foundation website, and she saw it and message me. Her relatives live in the Bay Area, and her mother was a quadriplegic, so she had some experience on dealing with disabled individuals, helping them in any way possible. She offered me her help, no doubt my God keeps putting good people in my life, of course, I accepted and with her knowledge and support, I succeeded!

How am I was going to control it and drive around…….you may ask? Well, here’s the thing, I had such a big trouble to convince people that I could; in fact, this part was one of the biggest obstacles to knock it off my way, it was so painful and disheartening, whenever I brought it up to the management here, either no one listen to me, or tried to talk me out and said, because I couldn’t move my hands good enough, I could end up hurting myself or the residents here at the facility. They tested how much I could move my hands sometimes; they held a pen about the same distance, more or less, where the joystick and controls suppose to be, and I had to reach out and grab it. I couldn’t do it, as much as I tried, sometimes I tried to explain to them how I thought I could do it, but it was in vain, totally useless. I think part of it was my fault, because of my writing, the words I use, I mistakenly typed down the wrong ones and end up confusing them, instead.

Who perseveres reaches! It’s been over 5 years now and I haven’t hurt myself or anyone of the residents yet. I finished college on May 23th of 2016. I am a certified web developer for a while now, trying to take flight!!!!!!!!

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