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What are the requirements to get my website going?

First step

A website requires web hosting and a domain name/URL. If you have both of these already, great. I can use your web host and your registered domain name. If not, I can help you get both.

Web Host

Web hosting is the service that takes your website files and stores them on a server and makes them available for people to access via their browser.  A basic account costs around $120 dollars a year. I can arrange for hosting but it must be registered under your name.

Domain Name

Domain Name. This is the URL of your site, such as www.mysite.com. It is registered to you on an annual basis. I can use the domain name you have already registered or I can help you register a name you want to register. Many organizations, even Google, are authorized domain registrars and will reserve and manage your registration.

ssl certificate

SSL Certificate. You may have noticed that sites are changing from HTTP to HTTPS. This is a big step to better site security and provides for a secure connection between the browser and the server. I include this with every project so that your site is secure.

My Obligations | Your Obligations

What do I provide!

Custom design and unlimited revisions

  • ‍I will create a custom design based on your input and provide a link for you, so you can go ahead and check out your website, its progress, and turnouts. You might want to make some adjustments, or tweak it a little bit, feel free to let me know what doesn’t appeal to you, and I will change it.

Great and easy UI to navigate.

  • I will build the website on a platform easy to manage and understand.  I will train you or your teamwork on how to do all of the basics, how to do updates, create a page, a post, how to add new content and remove the old one, and I will put myself available, in case you get stuck and need any advice, or there is a problem that requires all of us to solve it together.


  • I will optimize your website for mobile devices and desktop computers, so it will look great! whether it’s displaying on a big or small screen.

Fully optimized for search engines

  • I will ensure that it is fully optimized for all of the major search engines to index it, and people find it in search results

What do you provide!

Your design ideas and color choices.

  • Perhaps you came across a really good-looking website that you like and wish to apply some of that site design strategy to your website. We can do that, in fact, we could use it as starting point.  Your colors, should you have something specific in mind, maybe you want them to match your Logo or something like so.

 All copywriting for the pages.

  • Everything you want to say on the pages, for instance, a warm welcome, maybe. what do you want people to read when they first visited your website. Maybe you are selling something and want to highlight your products, or you’re writing a blog. I would need all the content beforehand.

All images, videos, graphics, etc…

  • I would need your Logo, if you have it already, all of the pictures, I would prefer them in high resolution, Big, in landscape mode, I find it easier to optimize them for web, and digital, please. If for any reason you don’t have pictures or images, go to these websites, they have all kinds of images and videos for free. You don’t have to pay for anything, you can if you want to, and you’re free to use them as you pleased.