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A website requires web hosting and a domain name/URL. If you have both of these already, great. I can use your web host and your registered domain name. If not, I can help you get both.


Web host

Web hosting is the service that takes your website files and stores them on a server and makes them available for people to access via their browser.  A basic account costs around $120 dollars a year. I can arrange for hosting but it must be registered under your name.


domain name

Domain Name. This is the URL of your site, such as It is registered to you on an annual basis. I can use the domain name you have already registered or I can help you register a name you want to register. Many organizations, even Google, are authorized domain registrars and will reserve and manage your registration.



SSL certificate

SSL Certificate. You may have noticed that sites are changing from HTTP to HTTPS. This is a big step to better site security and provides for a secure connection between the browser and the server. I include this with every project so that your site is secure.

The following standard features are available for your website:

picture galleries

Picture galleries. These are useful if you are an artist photographer, designer, home builder, etc. We can use a gallery to show examples of your work.



Slider/Carousels.  These are moving slideshows that frequently positioned in the banner area of a page. Many people want these on their site for their visual appeal but they can also be a distraction for your visitors. We can discuss if this is a feature that would be good for your site.



Videos. Videos are extremely effective ways to communicate with your site visitors. We can add videos you have to any page of your website.

contact form

Contact form. Every site should have a contact form so that people can reach you. We can set up the form and make sure it works with your email system so that you do not miss communication with a visitor.



Newsletter / Blog / Article Archive. If you are regularly communicating with your customers you may have an email newsletter, or a blog where you post information or you may write informative articles on topics of interest. These are all great ways to prove your credibility with your audience, improve your search visibility  and to stay in touch with your followers.



Opt-in-form. An opt-in form is used to get consent from a person for you to contact them (usually by email). There are several ways to offer the opt-in consent form and we can discuss if you need one and if so, what method is best for you.



live chats

Live chats are quite popular with some online businesses for customer support and for sales questions. They are a proven way to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

social media

Social media buttons Links to your social channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) should be prominently displayed on your site to let people know about your social outreach.

What Do I Provide?

I will create a customer design based on your input and offer 3 revisions
I will provide an easy interface for you to edit the pages of your website and instructions on how to use it.
I ensure your website will be responsive for all desktop and mobile devices
I will optimize the site for Google search and indexing.
I ensure your website will be compatible with all modern browsers.

What Do You Provide?

Your color choices and design ideas
All copywriting for the pages.
All images, videos, graphics

Types of Websites 

  • Bilingual
  • Personal
  • Blogs
  • Portfolios
  • Resumes
  • Business
  • Online Store
  • Non-profit
  • Agencys
What content would be include & how many pages my website can have?

Your website may contain slideshows/carousels, photo galleries, videos, a basic contact form so users can send messages, blog, newsletter and social media buttons.

Your site may be 5-10 pages long.

You need to get Web Hosting and a Domain Name service, what’s Web Hosting and Domain Name? Web Hosting is a service that makes your website available to be viewed by others on the internet. It is basically a high powered computer that provides space on its server to stored your site, so that other computers around the world can access it by means of a network or modem. In the other hand, a Domain Name is the URL entered in the browser, it is equivalent to a home address; for instance, is a Domain Name. I can help you to get that, most Web Hosting providers offer both services, it cost around $25-$30 dollars for the first month; then, you will be charge separately for service, don’t worry it’s cheap, for Web Hosting $12-$14 bucks every month, and another $12-$14 dollars a year for your Domain Name. I will need your personal information so I can get it for you, don’t worry about giving me your info, I’m a professional, it is safe 100%.

Note: I don’t do any copywriting stuff, I don’t take pictures, I don’t take videos, etc……..It is your responsibility to provide all of the assets for your website. I meant, written content, all images, on any format would work JPEG, PNG, TIFF and BMP, but please they have to be in digital file, I can optimize them for web. Also, if you’d like to have videos to display in your website, you can provide them too, just not over rated or pornography.

Let’s Start Your New Project

I expect loads of messages, don’t hesitate to drop me a line, even if it’s just to say hello, I’d love to hear from you. I’m online most of the time, so you should get a reply back within a couple hours.

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