Unthinkable Journey


How I do my work

I thought it may be a good idea to show you all how I do my work and communicate with ...
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Even I can reach goals!

Throughout all these years; yes, I’ve been here, in this nursing home, for many years already, 11 and 9 months ...
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During my first year in the nursing home, I started to get interest in taking classes at the SRJC (Santa ...
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nursing home

Nursing Home

January 20 something of 2007 arrived, they at the hospital had found a nursing home for me to stay. It ...
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My mother

Sorry to everybody reading my blog articles and hasn’t heard from me in awhile. This piece of writing was the ...
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It was March, I believe, so many things happened between the Spring and Summer. They started trying to feed me ...
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new year

Transferred to Healdsburg

got transfer to Healdsburg District Hospital, everybody so nice and kind to me, they gave me a great treatment and ...
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dark sky


After spending a couple of months in Memorial Hospital, they found another place where to transfer me. It was a ...
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Looking for a new hospital

 After they left, the nurse came to collected urine because my pee pee was hurting and stinking badly. So she ...
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My mother came to see me!

In my first days of being awake, my sister and brother-in-law talked about bringing my mother to see me. I ...
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Agonizing first days

The first few days were very hard and difficult to assimilate, it was an agony! People used to visit me ...
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rosas marchitas

Incredulous Doctors

My sister sometimes mentioned to me that when I was in coma. The doctors already had lose all their hope ...
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Woke up

I spent more then a week sleeping, miraculously I woke up, “I wished I wouldn’t”. I remember my sister, her ...
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leaf falling


I was sleeping and around midnight a sudden pain in the head wake me up, it was very severe, I ...
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old house

Faulty Discharged

It was over a week already, time to remove the stitches off my belly. I was all happy, actually, I ...
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waves crashing

The crashed

My friend and I stopped at a store for a 12 pack of beer, because we thought we needed more ...
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My Calvary Begun

Life is unpredictable and can change in a blink of an eye. It doesn’t give you any warning of what ...
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