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Francisco Ramirez

I’m from Michoacan, Mexico. I entered U.S. at the age of 17 years old, and lived in Washington four years; after that, I moved to California, where I lived in Sonoma city for a month. Then, I moved to Windsor where my job was. I worked in the field of grapevines, as it was the only type of work I knew by then.

A few months later, a terrible car accident almost took my life away, but thankfully God gave me another chance. Due to the accident I turned into a person with much disabilities, I lost my speech, I can’t walk and can hardly move my hands.

In order to type and use a computer, I must wear a baseball cap with a plastic wand attached. Nevertheless, my disabilities didn’t stop me, I wished to bring myself forward and do the best I could with the life I had left. Thus, with the help of good people God put in my way, I went to college, earned my GED certificate, gained a scholarship and to study a career, so I could provide for myself in the future.

Now, I finished school and became a web developer. I am able to look for a job and earn my own money.

I have learned to overcome many obstacles and worked hard to meet my goals. I am ready to work and do what I love to do build great, intuitive and versatile websites that would suit you and bring your business to the next level.

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